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If you are a homeowner in Houston seeking Houston home remodeling or room addition Houston contractors who specialize in house expansions, kitchen renovation, and custom cabinetry to fit your style, contact our knowledgeable team at Southern Belt immediately. Our home addition professionals strive for quality in all facets of the home remodeling industry and are constantly on the lookout for more efficient and creative solutions. Remodelers from Southern Belt Construction and custom house additions average rating input was included in the products used to construct your custom kitchen, room, or the entire home. Southern Belt’s experts have been providing home additions as well as custom cabinetry work, kitchen renovations, interior renovations additions, and more to Houston residents for a while and we don’t plan on stopping now!

Looking For A Custom Home Addition Contractor In Houston, Texas?

The first step in estimating the value a home addition can offer is obtaining information from a qualified Houston contractor. You need a professional with knowledge and experience in house additions who can provide recommendations that make the difference. This will enable you to make well-informed decisions without feeling like you’re operating in the dark. Working with a team of competent home addition contractors is essential for a successful beginning and conclusion.

Houston’s Southern Belt Construction’s inventive and experienced contractors will complete the task. Our parts supplier renovation professional contractors can guarantee that your home keeps its value and stays fashionable to your personal fit. They will go above and beyond to ensure that remodels on your property is everything you wanted and more!

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Before undertaking a house addition project, you must understand that it is not straightforward construction. If you engage the incorrect individuals, your project may end up costing more than you anticipated. Other than that, you will not achieve the desired effects. Obtain funds, and we’ll go to work. We are there every step of the way to ensure that everything goes as planned and runs well.

We are your companions throughout the entirety of the Houston home renovation, and all costs are completely clear from the outset.

Cost of a home addition?

Does this inquiry lead to numerous more, such as what type of addition are you seeking? A new master bedroom?A sunroom? How large will the expansion be? You must put certain matters into perspective when considering your home additions average cost. Especially when working with home addition contractors, square footage is of utmost importance. The cost is also affected by the land and location of the construction. Depending on the location of the addition, the land, and required piping also come into play. Therefore, if you’re wondering how much a house addition costs, you should contact a Southern Belt Construction professional immediately!

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Why Choose Us?


    Adding additional living space to your property is one of the most compelling arguments for pursuing house additions. As your lifestyle and demands evolve, you must ensure that your home has sufficient square footage. By choosing seasoned home addition experts, you will have a completely new space that is unimpeded by your home’s existing infrastructure. At Southern Belt Construction, we make certain that our construction procedure is as unobtrusive as possible. It may not even be necessary to evacuate your home during construction.


    After the completion of the project, you can anticipate your property’s market worth to increase. When the time comes to sell your home, you will be glad you selected the home addition and kitchen designers recommended by Houston locals. Whether you construct a ground-level extension or a family room addition, the market value of your home will increase significantly. Additionally, you will have had the opportunity to enjoy your newly expanded area in the interim. Increasing space and value is usually beneficial.


    You may have considered giving your home a new appearance like new outdoor dining furniture or a custom kitchen or bathroom addition or remodel. Unfortunately, complete house renovations and room additions may be quite costly. Fortunately, home expansions are the optimal option for your situation. Notably, adding space to your home is comparable to building a new home without incurring the expense of purchasing one. It is a cost-effective option to acquire a new home. When you choose a qualified kitchen and home addition Houston designer, you can anticipate high-quality solutions that will complement your home’s overall design.

Custom additions to your property can only increase its value if they are constructed correctly. It is therefore imperative that you only collaborate with the best. In addition, there are numerous fraudsters that do not complete their tasks. They are only interested in your money and leave you to complete the assignment. To avoid dealing with such complications, contact our home additions Houston company at (713) 930-0003 and request pricing information for your next custom home expansion!


Our team of devoted builders is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction regarding our Houston crafted custom homes and buildings. Aside from that, we always aim to provide our clients with stylish yet functional results within their budget such as interior furniture outdoor dining furniture, custom bathroom backsplash, custom kitchen counters, and more. We also provide:

  • Kitchen Additions
  • Bathroom Additions
  • Master Condo Additions
  • Family Room Extensions
  • Sunroom Extras
  • Garage Add-ons

Our home remodel Southern Belt contractors are experts in residential and commercial additions and architectural design. Therefore, you can rely on us for 2D and 3D models of your home restoration project. Residents of Houston, Texas are aware that we provide full design services for home renovations. We can also help you obtain the appropriate approvals, certifications, building code requirements, and other local council permits. We will relieve you of all stressful tasks so that you can concentrate on providing innovative input. Contact Us Today For Assistance!


Southern Belt Construction goes above and above to provide complete customer satisfaction. While we specialize in regular home renovations, you can also rely on us for bathroom, garage, and sunroom extensions. We can refer you to reputable home improvement companies in Houston, Texas. If you choose us as your supplementary contractors, however, we guarantee that you will not be dissatisfied. We consistently offer high-quality work within our clients’ budgets. Contact a Southern Belt contractor now! Call a remodeling contractor at Southern Belt immediately or fill out our online contact form to get started with your home remodel.