Kitchen Cabinets


Our kitchen cabinets are hand-craved to order and can be further customized with a variety of coat options and a hand-rubbed stain.

Southern Belt Construction kitchen cabinets are made to order, so you won’t have to deal with warped, dried-out wood. We only stock the best in terms of quality and design. Everything, from the type of wood to the design and functionality, is customizable. Whether you want your cabinets to open on hinges or have sliding drawers to store your kitchen utensils, Southern Belt Construction ensures that functionality is incorporated into your new kitchen cabinets. Your Houston kitchen cabinets are hand-rubbed with stain and finished with several coats of finish to protect their beauty for years to come.

Our kitchen cabinets are the ideal choice for a spectacular home:

  • For every home, we have beautiful styles and woods. Oak, cherry, birch, maple, alder, and hickory are among our most popular woods. We have the perfect cabinets to make your kitchen come alive, whether you want a classic or contemporary ambiance.

  • Each cabinet is lovingly stained by hand, ensuring that your cabinets are vibrant and clean. We also provide hand-carved cabinets for an artistic and personal touch to your kitchen, as well as hinged or sliding cabinets.

  • A cabinet makeover will bring new life and energy to your kitchen.

  • We build and install cabinets of all sizes. Your cabinets will fit perfectly in any kitchen, large or small.

Please contact us! We’d love to talk about your cabinets and show you some of our most beautiful cabinet transformations. Our cabinets provide a plethora of options for all of your kitchen storage requirements. Spices, plates, casseroles, pots, and pans can all be easily accommodated in the wide range of kitchen cabinet designs and styles offered by us. Our trained professionals with decades of experience in the kitchen cabinet replacement process make kitchen cabinet installation a breeze. Throughout the Greater Houston Area, we provide kitchen cabinets.


We are experts who understand what it takes to create a wall of kitchen cabinets that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. Give our Houston kitchen cabinet installers a call today to set up a meeting with one of our sales representatives.  During your free consultation, our knowledgeable sales professionals will go over every detail of your kitchen cabinet installation with you. You get to choose whether you want wood or laminate, ornate carvings, or a simple finish, and we want you to have the functionality you require in your new kitchen cabinets, whether sliding or hinged.