Staircases do more than only connect levels in your home; their aesthetic presence also serves as an architectural statement. From spiral staircases to sleek wood designs, find elegant staircase designs to fit your style. Continue reading to get some amazing Staircase Renovation Ideas for your staircase project from our Southern Belt professionals and don’t hesitate to call us at (713) 930-0003 for any questions and concerns you may have regarding your staircase renovation cost and any other upcoming remodel projects!

Spindles should be replaced.Staircase Renovation Ideas

When upgrading your staircase, the spindles that run between the stair tread and the rail present a huge opportunity. Cracked or broken spindles are replaced during stairwell remodels.

Posts by Newel

Newel posts anchor the railing to the stairs at the top and bottom. These prominent posts highlight the character of your home, so it’s natural that one of the most popular staircase makeover ideas begins with improving these. To add a strong ornamental design to the item, use a new form or carving style.

Refinish or repaint the stairwell

When making a revolutionary change, the first place to look is at the color. Repainting your staircase in a bright new color can change the mood of the entire space. Re-staining the wood a darker or lighter color can also have an effect of a more subtle change. Many homeowners re-stain their staircases to match newly installed hardwood flooring.

Ball Finials Made to Order

Our handcrafted wooden balls make for a regal-feeling addition — or the ideal infusion of color — and are a favorite staircase remodel concept for DIY-passionate homeowners. They will draw attention to whether they are painted or stained. Adding bespoke ball embellishments to your staircase is also one of the most cost-effective stair renovations.

Refresh the Entire Rail

The handrail that runs along your staircase is a focal feature of the entire stairs — and it’s one of the elements that display the greatest wear and tear. Countless hands run up and down the railing during the length of the staircase’s existence, making it appear worn and worn. While repainting is an option, adding a new handrail with an interesting pattern to your ancient staircase provides a whole new dimension.

Treads for Stairs

Our staircase restoration ideas cover the entire spectrum, including the stairs themselves. Replacing old, worn, or mismatched stair treads with a beautiful new alternative adds another intricate touch to your project. Homeowners frequently choose to repair the stair treads after replacing the flooring to ensure that they both fit the area’s décor.

The Southern Belt Distinction

Because we are one of the few woodworking companies that can match and carve incredibly detailed designs, Southern Belt works with homeowners on many staircase improvements. This talent is essential for any interior remodeling project, especially staircases.


Without this skill set, if just one of your spindles or a Newell post broke, you’d have to replace them all to preserve consistency. Furthermore, our custom carving capability enables you to imagine or construct any pattern, no matter how intricate.

Make Your Staircase Remodel Ideas a RealityStaircase Renovation Ideas

Contacting us or getting in contact with your recommended interior contractor is the first step in bringing your staircase to remodel ideas to life. Our woodworkers will work with you to understand your project and your individual requirements. Your staircase will be one-of-a-kind, drawing everyone’s attention.


For more information, call our stair refurbishment firm at (713) 930-0003 or visit our website to learn What Is The Cost To Renovate Stairs.

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