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Our stair parts supplier Houston team builders are committed to giving each staircase they design, produce, and give the installation a personal touch. We strive for excellence in all aspects of the staircase industry and are always looking for more productive and inventive alternatives. Southern Belt Construction’s builders and our customers’ feedback have found their way into the products that go into your home.

What Does A Houston, TX Staircase Renovation Consist Of?

A hidden or disguised staircase can be found in some Houston homes. Even if this is the case in your Houston, TX home, the staircase should be replaced to complement the aesthetic of the rest of the house. When constructing a home, a staircase is frequently an afterthought. With contractor applications, you can effortlessly and economically construct a fashionable and functioning staircase with our Houston stair parts, as a new homeowner. Apps for independent contractors and general contractors are similar to find a contractor apps. They can match your stair remodel Houston needs with the proper Southern Belt Houston contractor.

Houston’s Southern Belt Construction’s inventive and experienced constructors will complete the task. Our parts supplier stair Professional contractors can guarantee that your staircase stays both functional and fashionable. They will do more than one staircase remodel on your property if necessary. It is a good idea to match all of the stairs to the overall style of the home.

Houston Stair Parts | Common Staircase Replacements

Handrails – The railings may be loose or deteriorated. Have them tightened or replaced before problems worsen. Iron Baluster steel base shoes may be required for safety purposes.

Newel posts – These are the posts that keep the railings in place and can become loose or broken. They could be a significant problem with the overall function of the railing.

Balusters – These decorative ornaments are also part of the handrails. They can be made of a variety of materials, the most common of which are iron and wood. If you repair the treads, you will need to replace these as well. This also requires balusters base shoes that are steel or iron.

Treads and risers – Also known as the “stair,” treads are the component of the stair that you step on each time you move up or down. Those wood components may need to be repaired or replaced. Shoes – These hide the holes for all types of bases such as the Tuscan balusters base. They are very little and often lost on ancient stairs. If they’ve gone missing over time, use a locate a contractor app to find a contractor to replace them.

Stair Parts Supplier Near Me

Certain panels like iron panels wood panels, and aluminum panels might not be possible to fix. But don’t let that bother you. Contractors in the Southern Belt discovered on independent contractor apps and general contractor apps can assist. They will make your existing staircase appear brand new while preserving its structural integrity. Contact Us Today For An Estimate!

Is a Houston Staircase Remodeling the best option for you? Southern Belt Construction offers options that go beyond simply adding a few feet. We are able to:

  • Adjust the Rails of an Existing Staircase

  • Install and Extend A New Staircase

  • Replace and/or Repair An Existing Staircase

When homeowners consider home improvements and installation projects, repairing an aging staircase is often not on the list. However, replacing stairs and railing bars is much easier than you might think using Houston stair builders and contractor programs. Independent contractor apps and general contractor apps and installation services used to find the correct contractor will ensure that the task is completed fast and professionally every time.



The cost to remodel or renovate staircases might vary, like with any restoration project. A contractor estimate software will assist you in determining expenses before the job begins. Materials such as wood or wrought iron, as well as glass and stainless steel combinations, can all significantly reduce expenses. The expenses might range from $2,000 and $12,000. To be sure, use contractor apps, independent contractor apps, and general contractor apps to communicate with your Houston contractor. Replacing a single component will be the least expensive option, however, upgrading or replacing the entire staircase will be significantly more expensive.

It is vital to recognize that certain projects require more labor than others. This may explain why the expenses of some projects have risen. Ask our Houston renovation experts about our staircase remodeling Houston services, stairs remodeling costs, and more! We provide services for home remodeling kitchen remodeling, shower remodeling, commercial and residential staircase renovation, bathroom expansions, staircase remodeling outdoor services, and more.

When making your choice, read reviews and check contractor apps to discover more about each contractor. Examine our ratings and previous experience. We also provide photos of our work to assist you in deciding. The contractors on our hire a contractor app who have built the most innovative staircases are the greatest fit for the task. They are well acquainted with local norms and safety regulations. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that Southern Belt contractors keep their promises. Get in touch with a Southern Belt contractor today! To get started, give us a call today or fill out our online contact form.