Stairs are a critical component of your makeover. It’s a topic that comes up on all of my projects, at least those with numerous stories. Whether you have the funds to rebuild or simply refinish your staircase, this is an area of your home that should not be overlooked. You can always contact our Houston stair banister renovation experts at (713) 930-0003 for any questions you may have prior to your staircase project. Here are some things to think about if you’re wondering, “Can I Replace the Railing on My Staircase?

Refinish rather than replace

Refinishing an antique staircase is one of the most cost-effective methods to improve it. It’s remarkable how painting the risers the same color as the trim and refinishing the treads can completely transform your stairs. Don’t forget to paint the balusters and refinish the handrail to bring the railing up to date.

Typical Railing Materials

Handrails and railings, as you are presumably aware, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are built of a variety of materials. Each form has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go over a few of the most frequent.

Daring on a Budget

Painting all surfaces of staircases, whether new or old, is the least expensive approach to modernize them (railings, treads, and risers). Color contrasts, such as the black and white seen here, add instant drama.


When it comes to industrial staircases, this is often the material of choice, and it is also associated with durability and strength. Because of this, steel is one of the safest materials for handrails and railings. These require little upkeep and are simple to clean. Furthermore, steel railings are weather-resistant and may be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Some disadvantages of steel railings include their higher cost when compared to less expensive materials such as wood, as well as their increased weight, which can make DIY installations harder.

Cladding at a Low Cost

Another low-cost option is to replace the risers and treads on your stairs. You may go straight on top of the existing stairs without having to tear them out and rebuild them. This is also an opportunity to go from a traditional to a more modern style if desired.

Material Concerns

Bringing in fresh materials for the balusters is another excellent method to brighten up a traditional or modern staircase. Adding iron or steel to the railing can completely transform the appearance and character of your stairs.


If you want metal railings but don’t want steel because it’s too rough-looking, too heavy, or for other reasons, aluminum is the next best thing. Aluminum handrails and railings are lightweight while remaining sturdy and durable, increasing their safety. They’re also weather-resistant, which is a big plus if they’re going to be outside.


Aluminum is more suited for DIY projects than steel because it is lighter and easier to cut and install. It is, however, more expensive than steel, which is a significant disadvantage. Also, take in mind that aluminum scratches and dents more easily than steel.

The Glass Act

If you like glass railings and guards, this might be the option for you, but there are a few things to consider before going this route. First, the glass will show fingerprints, so if you’re a neat freak, you’ll have to clean it on a frequent basis. It’s also not enough to simply have a glass guardrail. You’ll need a handrail on top of it, so think about your options and how it will appear.

A More Secure Horizontal Option

A railing that extends all the way to the ceiling, preventing people from climbing over it, is an alternative to a horizontal railing. The railing wall also serves as a stunning and dramatic backdrop to the adjacent space.

Railings Commonly Used

Picket stair railings are the most typical type of railings used in homes, but they are also used in business spaces, workplaces, and other places. They’re adaptable and simple to install, and they’re also reasonably priced. The biggest downside is that they have a dull and antiquated appearance.

Can I Replace The Railing for My Staircase?

Multi-line stair railings are made up of several horizontal rods that link the railing posts. These can be built of a variety of materials and come in a variety of sizes and styles. They have a clean, simple, and timeless appearance, but they are not as safe as other varieties because children can easily climb them.

To summarize!

A staircase does not have to be large to stand out or offer anything to the design and décor surrounding it. It also does not have to adhere to a specific style. Contact us at (713) 930-0003 for help with your staircase renovation, or see our site for How To Redo A Staircase or renovate carpeted stairs.

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