Sweeten’s guide to remodeling expenses in Houston in 2022, including kitchen, bath, and whole-home (including outdoor budgets and permit suggestions!)

Calculating the cost of a makeover in Houston may be daunting for newbies. You’ve finally stopped fantasizing and started a house improvement project. Begin by gathering basic information: determine your budget and add a little reserve. The materials and effort required all play a role. Invisibles like infrastructure also impact rates. This might be daunting for a first-time renovator.

In this guide to Houston renovation prices, Sweeten has done some of the legwork for you. This article focuses on some of the most common renovation projects, including whole-house remodels, kitchen, bath, and additions, as well as permits. These facts can be used to establish an appropriate budget for a remodel in the Houston region.


Sweeten connects homeowners with vetted general contractors, providing free advice, assistance, and up to $50,000 in remodeling financial insurance.


Costs of a standard home remodeling in Houston

Based on Sweeten contractors and the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, here’s a summary of typical starting home remodeling expenses (including labor and materials):


  • Renovations for the entire house start at $100 per square foot (psf)
  • Bath makeover on a budget: $15,000–$20,000 (based on 35 sq ft)
  • $21,000 for a mid-level bathroom renovation (based on 35 sq ft)
  • $28,500 for a high-end bathroom renovation (based on 35 sq ft)
  • Kitchen makeover on a budget: $22,000 (based on a 100 sq ft)
  • $30,000 for a mid-range kitchen renovation Houston (based on 100 sq ft)
  • $37,500 for a high-end kitchen makeover (based on 100 sq ft)
  • Remodeling a basement costs between $40,000 and $75,000.

Keep in mind that every skilled contractor will want to speak with you in depth. They will also assess your home before preparing an estimate that is tailored to your individual needs and desires.


Pro tip: Don’t be a slacker. The epidemic has generated a shortage of materials in numerous industries. It’s a good idea for homeowners who want to renovate to schedule and sign a contract with a contractor to lock in material prices. You should also reserve a start date on the contractor’s calendar. If you wait, prices will only rise, and your material order will be placed at the back of a long line.


The cost of redecorating a room in Houston is calculated per square foot.

Gut renovation vs. non-gut renovation: what’s the difference?

When you gut a house, you’re basically beginning again. You’ll tear down walls and/or take everything down to the studs or framework. Due to its intricacy, gutting and remodeling a property often costs $100-200 per square foot. However, refurbishing within existing walls is less expensive. One-bedroom condos, for example, can cost $50,000 to $70,000 to remodel, with a whole restoration costing over $100,000. This work usually involves new plumbing and electrical pipes, repositioning entrances, and maybe new flooring.


The cost of a complete home remodeling

A complete home gut renovation costs $100 per square foot. Take note: this project has a large scope! All finishing and finishes including demolition are expected.(This does not include appliances, which can add a lot of money depending on how high-end they are.) “A whole-house renovation—say, 3,000 square feet—would cost $200,000 at the low end and $400,000 at the high end,” says Sweeten contractor Ryan of Houston. It is entirely dependent on the materials selected.”


The cost of renovating a wet room

Bathrooms and kitchens with water supply start about $250 per square foot. Bathrooms in condos and co-ops in the city might be as small as 30 square feet. They are often larger than 5′ x 8′ in standalone dwellings. Renovations that are totally customized and use high-end materials might cost up to $700 per square foot. The charge covers architectural design and drawings, demolition, construction, materials, fittings, lighting, and finishes.


Include a cushion in your budget.

A contractor’s estimate may include overage costs. This guarantees that the unexpected is covered. Overages typically account for 10% to 15% of the project’s total cost. (Sweeten also advises the renovator to set aside at least 10-15 percent more than the bid.) The benefit of choosing a general contractor is that it is a one-stop shop. Working with a contractor covers almost all of the crafts necessary for the work. This saves you time and money by eliminating the need to hire multiple tradespeople to complete the various components of your project.

Brad, a Sweeten contractor headquartered in Houston, advises being practical about your budget. “On a $5,000 budget, you can’t buy a $100,000 ring.” First and foremost, establish a contract with your contractor; they are familiar with price. Add 15% to account for unforeseen circumstances.”


In Houston, the average cost of a kitchen makeover is $7,500.

Kitchen renovation prices on a budget

Based on a 100-square-foot kitchen, a common starting point is $22,000. The average cost of a kitchen makeover is $31,004 for 200 square feet, according to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report. This includes updating obsolete appliances and supplying cabinets, hardware, and worktops.


Costs of a mid-level kitchen renovation

According to Sweeten, a 100-square-foot apartment at this finish level can cost as little as $30,000. According to the Cost vs. Value Report, a kitchen with 200 square feet costs an average of $81,820. Custom lighting, new countertops, a 3′ x 5′ island, a double-tub stainless steel sink with single-lever faucet, garbage disposal, built-in dishwasher, energy-efficient stove, vented hood, built-in microwave, dishwasher, and new flooring are among the features.


The price of a high-end kitchen

Based on what Sweeten has seen, a 100-square-foot room at this quality level should start at $37,500. A kitchen with 200 square feet starts at $160,000, according to the Cost vs. Value Report. Expect high-end custom cabinets with inside features like as partitioned drawers, pullout shelves, pop-up and down storage, stone, quartz, or porcelain counters, and a stone or imported tile backsplash. Custom lighting, under-cabinet lighting, hardwood, stone, or porcelain flooring, and standard high-end appliances are all included.


Sweeten contractor Ryan has seen kitchens cost $50,000 for a gut makeover and closer to $100,000 for a high-end overhaul. “Those amounts can vary substantially,” he notes, “as some cabinetry alone could cost $80,000.”


The cost of a bathroom makeover in Houston is on the average.

Bathroom renovation expenses on a budget

For a 35-square-foot area with budget-friendly finishes from large box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Menards, and Lowe’s, a starting point can be $15,000—$20,000. Install piping, insulation, and exhausts, and level up uneven walls and floors.


The cost of a mid-range bathroom renovation

A makeover for a 35-square-foot space will cost $21,000. The average cost for this type of job is $27,570, according to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report. Includes porcelain tub, recessed medicine cabinet, conventional toilet, solid-surface vanity counter.


The cost of a high-end bathroom makeover

The average price for this finish level is $28,500 for 35 square feet. According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, the average renovation cost for a high-end project is $82,838 for a bathroom over 200 square feet. New ducting, radiant heated flooring, bespoke cabinets, separate shower, freestanding tub, and custom lighting are all included at this level.


Costs of adding a master suite

The cost of adding a master suite to a mid-range home

According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, the estimated expenditures for a 24′ by 16′ space with double vanity, freestanding tub, separate shower, walk-in closet, and dressing area are roughly $452 psf or $177,273. For a basement renovation, ground floor addition or second story addition, this is true.


The expense of adding a high-end master suite

According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, the cost of a 32′ x 20′ master suite with a separate sitting area and huge master bath over a crawl space is roughly $553 psf or $359,232. Custom shelving, built-in storage, and a walk-in closet and dressing area with windows are all included in this type of renovation.


Houston basement renovation expenses

A basement should cost roughly $100 per square foot to begin with. Average renovation expenditures are roughly $40,000 on the low end, which includes a bathroom with a shower. Laminate, vinyl, engineered wood, porcelain tile, and stained concrete are just a few of the flooring alternatives available. Unenclosed 5’8′′ bathroom with flooring in 20’30′′ total costing $75,000


Several things can influence the cost of a basement remodeling. A new water service or bracing may be necessary to remove structural supports in the space’s center. Consider the height of the ceiling, as Houston basements are normally 8 feet or less, with some as low as 6’7′′. If you want to raise the ceiling, you’ll have to dig out the foundation and underpin it. It’s also vital to ensure that the space is waterproof. A perimeter drain tile system is installed (repaired or extended).Then there’s the $2,500 sump pump.


Permit fees for renovating in Houston

The renovation permission process differs from Houston to its suburbs, with each village or town’s governing body setting its own standards and prices. Permits are obtained through the Houston Building Department. The issue that unites them is that of safety and adherence to building rules.


Licensed remodelers pay $30 per $1,000, whereas new construction costs $1.30. Plumbing, electrical service ($9,800 for 200 amp service; Permits are necessary for HVAC, roofing, and pools. The permit price for remodeling in Hinsdale is based on 2% of the total building cost. Expect to pay a total of $3,000 in demolition permit fees.


To get a building permit in Houston, you need architectural drawings and the identities of all qualified contractors (usually supplied by the general contractor). There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. A complete home remodel, including a new kitchen and/or bath, should cost between $1,500 and $2,000.The larger the project, the higher the charge, which can reach $10,000.


Non-architectural Easy Permit Program (usually available the same day). Contractors usually pay minor fees (a few hundred dollars for plumbing and electrical permits). In 2022, Zonda Media Inc. Download it for free at www.costvsvalue.com/2022/.


Find local Houston general contractors who can help you.

Post your project on Sweeten and we’ll connect you with vetted general contractors who will provide you with remodeling quotes and help you compare them. Sweeten will follow up till the job is done. Creating a precise budget with your general contractor can help you experience the fantasy space you’ve always wanted.


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