Are you waiting for a few kitchen design trends to come back? Take a deep inhale and don’t hold your breath. According to design research, fads always disclose one’s age. When a housing pattern resurfaces, it looks to be distinct from previous eras. So, if your kitchen seems like it’s been frozen in time since you were listening to pop music, here are 7 Signs Your Kitchen May Be Stuck in The 80’s.



The 1980s have called, and they’d like their kitchen back.

7 Signs Your Kitchen May Be Stuck in the 80's

It’s difficult to realize that the neon era was only a generation ago. Neutral hues and simpler designs are replacing busy textures and fun-loving, vibrant fashions from the past. This could be due to changing tastes and a desire for simplicity in our homes, environments, and lives.



1. No more unusual appliances

If you have almond, avocado, or textured appliances in your kitchen that are still in fine working order (and you despise the idea of throwing them away), keep reading.


Instead, remodel your house by bringing your kitchen into the future with beautiful cabinet refacing and matched front panels to hide old appliances. Appliances that are fully integrated help to create a seamless design that matches your cabinets.

2. Snoring walls and borders

Sponge-painted walls and borders scream 1980s more than anything else. The same can be said for worn-out wallpaper trims. Instead, refresh the look of any place with new, freshly painted color palettes like Sherwin Williams’ color of the year for 2022, Green Fog.



3. A plethora of oak and pine cabinets

Are you looking for a less busy wood species for your cabinets? That means you have massive oak cabinets, knotty pine, or bulky cathedral aesthetics in your kitchen. No need to be concerned; cabinet refacing can help you escape the 1980s.


Refacing is a game-changing approach that uses your existing cabinet boxes. Cabinet doors and drawers account for 80% of the materials in a kitchen. When dark, ominous cabinets are given new life, homeowners are ecstatic to see brighter hues. A room can be considerably updated by laminating cabinet boxes and replacing doors and drawers.

4. Antiquated hardware from the past

If your kitchen cabinetry’s hinge hardware is still brass, antiqued, or exposed, it’s time to upgrade to something more modern.



Our knob and pull gallery at Southern Belt is filled with kitchen remodeling Houston stylish hardware options, ranging from stainless steel and brushed nickel to our signature new hardware line, curated by Southern Belt’s in-house designer in conjunction with Amerock. Gunmetal or black pulls and knobs are very popular in the kitchen. The current gold-toned finishes might be thought of as the jewels in your new kitchen design.

5. Avoid clumsy geometric floors.

Do you have geometric patterns, imitation brick, or other intricate motifs on your floor? While linoleum was revolutionary at the time, today’s flooring materials are far more advanced.


Replace your old, clunky flooring with beautiful new wide vinyl plank flooring. Plank flooring is available in a variety of finishes, but keep in mind that the simpler the flooring, the larger your kitchen will appear.

6. Don’t be irritated by grout.

To make your kitchen shine, replace the tile with quartz. If you still have hard-to-clean tile and grout worktops in your kitchen, you might as well be stuck in the 1980s (sorry). It doesn’t take a pandemic to convince us that a food processing area and grout aren’t a good match. Cleaning on a daily basis will wear down the sealant, allowing the grout to collect stains and germs. Consider quartz countertops, which are both durable and antimicrobial.



7 Signs Your Kitchen May Be Stuck in the 80's

7. I’m not a big lover of fans.

Swap away your outdated, unwieldy ceiling fans for sleek pendant designs. In terms of style, pendant lights, lanterns, and clear glass add so much to the kitchen. While a fan serves a practical purpose by decreasing the temperature in a hot kitchen, it can also be obtrusive in terms of style. Consider other ways to bring fresh air in, such as exhaust fans and windows, we say.


While you’re up there, cover the damage with popcorn ceilings, also known as acoustic or stipple ceilings, which were fashionable in the 1980s. Instead of the time-consuming and dusty removal of popcorn ceilings, homeowners often prefer to cover them with sheetrock.



Bring your kitchen up to date in the twenty-first century.

Our team is here to help you turn your present kitchen into a clean, modern design that complements your current lifestyle and demands. Southern Belt offers a free in-home design consultation and quote. Don’t hesitate, just pick up your phone and call us at (713) 930-0003 now! Also visit our kitchen remodeling page and let us help you Reflect on the Best Ways To Use Glass-Front Cabinets and more.


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