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All residential buildings must include at least one basement egress window that is operable inside and can be fully opened. The window must have a minimum open area of 9 square feet and a height and breadth of 36 inches.
Possessing an escape window is akin to keeping a savior in an emergency. It is because egress windows have benefited more individuals than they have harmed.

While it may be difficult or a pain in the ar* to figure out how to make at least one egress window in the basement operate and how to decorate it, it is well worth the effort.
We do not wish for you to find yourself in a scenario where the egress window is your only means of escape, but you can inquire of those who have. They will recount their ordeal to you. What would they have done if their basement lacked sufficient egress windows? However, the question is how many egress windows a cellar must-have.

How Many Egress Windows Does a Basement Need?

Is it necessary for every basement bedroom to have an egress window? What Is the Difference Between an Egress and a Basement Window? How to Decorate Egress Windows in a Basement.

How Many Egress Windows Does a Basement Need

In the United States, a basement must have at least one egress window. However, if you prefer to have more than one escape window in your basement, you may do so as long as the basement egress windows are constructed following the IRC regulation. Even if you want to have many egress windows, this is not a bad thing, as egress windows are designed to give an escape route in an emergency.

Therefore, by including many egress windows in your basement, you provide a good escape route in the event of an emergency and also enable emergency personnel to enter the house quickly during a rescue attempt.

Is it necessary for every basement bedroom to have an egress window?

Yes, every basement bedroom should have at least one egress window large enough for a person to crawl through in an emergency. The window must be operable from the inside and free of bars and grilles. Various codes and standards must be followed when erecting egress windows in the basement. The IRC has already specified these codes and standards to guarantee a functional egress window. These are the codes:

  • The basement egress window must be large enough to crawl through in an emergency.
  • It should be wide enough to allow emergency personnel access to the basement in a disaster.
  • The basement egress window must be completely openable.
  • It must have an open area of at least 9 square feet.
  • It should be possible to operate the window from the inside.
  • The window cannot be obstructed by bars or grilles.
  • There is no way to lock the window with a key.
  • The window must open without the need for any tool.
  • The window must be a minimum of 36 inches in height and width.

Mandatory For Egress Windows

If the window is more than 44 inches from the floor, it must have a 12-inch wide ladder. It should also be a free window that is easily accessible to both the homeowner and emergency personnel in an emergency, allowing them to reach out and save lives. We are all familiar with the condition of basements, which is why the IRC requires that basement egress windows be constructed in such a way that they can be fully opened. You can also contact egress window repair Houston.

Additionally, the basement escape window must have a 12-inch wide ladder permanently affixed to the egress window more significant than 44 inches above the floor. It is to facilitate window access. Without a permanently linked ladder to the window, it may be difficult for someone to escape through the window during an emergency. Additionally, the ladder should be at least three inches away from the window well.

Requirements For Egress Basement

When positioning the ladder near the egress window, ensure that the ladder does not become obstructed by the window. Additionally, verify that the ladder does not encroach more than six inches on the required opening dimensions of the window.

If installing it beneath a porch or deck, you must provide at least 36 inches between the top of the window and the bottom of the structure’s joints. These are the rules that must be followed when building an escape window in your basement; this means that if your basement has more than one bedroom, each bedroom’s egress window must meet all of these requirements.

What Is the Difference Between an Egress and a Basement Window

The distinction between an egress window and a basement window is that an egress window is intended to fulfill specific emergency regulations, whereas a basement window is constructed for ventilation. Egress windows are subject to more stringent rules than basement windows. But before starting work you should also know how many egress windows are in the basement.

While egress windows in the basement are designed to enable a safe exit in an emergency, basement windows are designed to ensure adequate ventilation inside the basement, which is critical when using a gas heater in the basement.

How to Decorate Egress Windows in a Basement

The most effective method of decorating a basement egress window is to use unified, airy, and light window decorations such as ornamental window film, valances, fully functional shutters painted a light color, light drapes, and stained glass.


Now that you know the minimum number of egress windows required in a basement, it is prudent to adhere to all criteria while building the window. Additionally, while the IRC requires compliance with these rules, the codes frequently differ by state/city. Therefore, it is preferable to contact the proper state body, such as the Building Department, and have them inform you of the specific requirements for your basement egress window.

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