Kitchen countertops are now the focal point of the home. The ideal countertop is not only a statement piece, but also a true workhorse that may increase the value and appreciation of your property. How To Choose The Best Countertop for Your Kitchen remodel is determined by both the overall design and the utility you desire as a homeowner. How to Choose The Best Countertop For Your Kitchen

Countertops are important.

A beautiful kitchen with shining Quartz, variegated granites, or decorative laminate countertops adds value to your home. Consider your countertop to be an extension of your own style, including your culinary and entertaining tastes. This guide is for you, the homeowner! We’ve put together this quick guide on the most prevalent countertop materials to help you with your remodel!

Granite that has been certified

Granite is a type of natural stone that comes from deep inside the earth. People love it because of its earthy-looking patterns that move with the natural world. Southern Belt LLC granite is sourced from tiny mines in Italy, Brazil, India, and the United States, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Loves Laminates

Laminate countertops from Formica® and WilsonArt® HD are sensible, cost-effective choices for those on a budget or searching for more creative countertop solutions. Today’s laminates are inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to care for. They also come in an infinite number of colors and patterns, including wood and stone finishes.

Quartz: The Search

Because quartz countertops are long-lasting, reliable, and essentially maintenance-free, they will always be in demand. Cambria® and Hanstone®, two of the most notable manufacturers of manufactured quartz, both provide eco-friendly options with great design appeal. Quartz is extremely hygienic, easy to clean, and comes in an infinite variety of hues and designs.

Surfaces that are solid

How to Choose The Best Countertop For Your Kitchen

Engineered solid surfaces, such as Corian®, give homeowners a countertop with a seamless appearance. An sophisticated procedure for blending natural minerals with pure acrylic resin resulted in a great surface for kitchen and bath worktops. With Corian®, you get a nonporous, stain-resistant surface that looks great even with everyday nicks and cuts.

To learn more about any of these countertop materials, contact your Southern Belt design consultant. We can help you remodel your kitchen in less time, with less worry, and for a great price! Request a quotation for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling near me by filling out the form below. Now is the time to schedule a free design consultation or call us at (713)930-0003 for ideas and Classic Blue Hues For Your Kitchen now!

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