Our Houston Southern Belt Construction offers remodeling services for all rooms and appliances. The Williams Tower, formerly known as the Transco Tower, is a 64-story, 1.4 million-square-foot art deco office tower, also located in the Uptown District of Houston, Texas. New York’s John Burgee and Houston’s Philip Johnson designed the tower (now known as Morris Architects). 1981-1983: Construction years. The tower is the fourth-tallest in Texas and the 44th-tallest in the US. The Williams Tower is the tallest structure outside of Downtown Houston in the U.S. “Southern Empire State Building”


Gerald D. Hines, a real estate entrepreneur, commissioned New York-based John Burgee Architects with Philip Johnson and Houston-based Morris-Aubry Architects to design the skyscraper (now known as Morris Architects).


The building was finished in 1983, and an open house was held in April. Transco Energy Co. amalgamated with Williams Companies in 1995, and the building’s name was changed to Williams Tower in 1999.


In December 2002, Ryan John Hartley ascended the tower and leaped from around halfway up, culminating in his suicide.

Transco Tower Ltd. sold the Williams Tower to Hines REIT Properties LP for $271.5 million in 2008. The skyscraper came with a parking garage, a 2.3-acre plot across from the Williams Tower, and a 48% share in the Williams Waterwall (now the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park) and adjacent park; Hines controlled the other 52%.


Hurricane Ike damaged the tower’s revolving beacon and blew out several windows on September 13, 2008. Wind damage totaled $3.5 million. Roof leaks and building shaking damaged 12 of 49 elevators.


Hines REIT Inc. put the Williams Tower up for sale in August 2012, and Invesco Advisers Inc. bought it for $412 million in March 2013.


Transco Energy, the building’s original tenant, is now a branch of the Williams Companies. Other notable tenants include Quanta Services and the Danish Consulate. The tower also acts as the Hines firms’ headquarters.


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