Bright and hopeful, white cabinetry gives your new or rebuilt kitchen an air of sophistication. White kitchens let designers’ imaginations run wild.

White cabinets make even small spaces look open and expansive. Let’s not overlook the sleek and classic aesthetic. White cabinets are a polished main point in any kitchen with the correct countertop, backsplash, and flooring. A set of Delft blue plates can be the focal point of your decor when coupled with white. This Delft blue dishware line pairs well with white. Adding depth and reflection, mirrored or glass-front cabinetry.

All-white kitchen remodeling has several drawbacks. A white-painted kitchen may seem cold, harsh, or unwelcoming; engage a kitchen designer!



Consider your lifestyle during the design phase as well. For the accident-prone home cook, white cabinets may not be the greatest option. White cabinetry is susceptible to staining and discoloration from spills, drips, and accidental splatters of cola, tomato sauce, and yellow mustard.

However, there are numerous reasons to investigate and learn How to Coordinate Your Kitchen With White Cabinets



Here are a few design considerations from Southern Belt’s design experts.

White Kitchen Cabinetry Design List:

Brighten Up! How to Coordinate Your Kitchen with White Cabinets
  • Choose from a contemporary, transitional, rustic, or traditional style for your new kitchen. All of these design styles complement white cabinets beautifully.
  • Choose simple white door and drawer designs to easily transition from one style to another in the future.
  • Establish your color scheme — will your cabinets be pure white, soft white, frosty white, or off-white? Also available are combinations of glaze and stain for a unique satiny sheen. Your design consultant can help you select the optimal palette for your room.
  • Is custom-made cabinetry your best option? Even in confined settings, custom cabinetry may increase space and storage. Or, would cabinet refacing be a more suitable option for your project? Southern Belt’s time-saving, proprietary process provides homeowners with a number of solutions to fit their demands and budget. 
  • Your white cabinets will have a vibrant countertop, right? Or do you design for small differences? Quartz countertops provide an extensive selection of alternatives, including dark and light veining for textural interest.
  • Add an accent of color. Add complementary hues to a feature wall’s accessories, lighting, hardware, and tableware. The next few years can easily change the appearance.
  • Combine warm wood or wood-grain flooring with white cabinetry to create a gorgeous and cozy atmosphere. Or, you might opt for elegant sophistication with dramatic, dark flooring. Or, incorporate a warm texture.

White cabinets can brighten a farmhouse-style, modern, or Nantucket-style kitchen.



Use something that will make a statement.

How well a white kitchen is designed will depend on the materials used to finish the space. Even in a white-on-white room, materials like Carrara marble stand out and make a strong visual impression.

Use materials with a lot of movement, like as the marble’s flowing patterns, in only one area of a room. Usually, this is the backsplash or the countertop. Choosing less noticeable materials for other surfaces lets the one that makes a statement stand out.

The natural marble slab shines out in a white marble-floored kitchen since the other materials and fittings are less eye-catching. This puts the focus on the island and its marble veins.



Our kitchen design professionals at Southern Belt will assist you in every stage of the process and also help you identify the 7 Signs Your Kitchen May Be Stuck In The 80’s. Call 713-930-0003 today for a complimentary consultation and design estimate on your Houston kitchen remodeling!

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