The cost of gut renovation is affected by demolition, the amount of work, the state of the home, and alternative living arrangements. But, exactly What Is Gut Renovation?


Gutting a house necessitates a higher level of owner commitment than a minor remodeling project. Southern Belt Construction shares some pointers on things to think about when planning a large job like this.

What Is Gut Renovation?

Southern Belt connects homeowners with vetted general contractors, providing free advice, support, and up to $50,000 in renovation financial protection.

What is the process of gutting a house?

Let us begin by defining the term. Gutting a house is more than just a major makeover. It involves tearing down the walls to the studs, removing existing interior doors and trim, cabinets, and sinks, and exposing the home’s structure. It frequently entails replacing windows and outside doors, as well as the roof and most or all of the plumbing and electrical. Gutting is the process of removing material before remodeling.

Overview of the Renovation Budget

Material prices

Southern Belt’s renovation cost guides can be found on our site, however, take in mind that material pricing and deadlines have changed. Materials and labor costs have risen dramatically in some circumstances and locations. Add 20% to the materials budget and consult with your contractor regarding timing, materials, and budget.


  • Pro tip: Don’t put it off. Many industries are experiencing a shortage of materials. It’s a good idea for homeowners who want to renovate to arrange and sign a contract with a contractor to lock in your material pricing. You should also reserve a start date on the contractor’s calendar. If you wait, prices may rise further, and your material order may be pushed to the back of a long line.


Lists of “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”

When creating your project budget, make a list of “must-haves” for your remodel. These are the items that are necessary for the project; create a second wishlist of “nice-to-haves.” This includes any adjustments you’d like to see but are ready to forego due to financial constraints.

The current state of a house

It’s also critical to be realistic about the state of your property, as the cost of a gut restoration can vary greatly depending on the structure. Updating mechanical systems such as the electrical panel and aging plumbing can be simple in a dated foursquare house but difficult in a historic district residence.


In light of the building’s age and history, ask your contractor about worst-case situations. Consider the budget contingency that will provide you with peace of mind once your project begins. Your contractor cannot anticipate every possible surprise, but you should feel sure that you have a partner who will assist you in problem-solving when difficulties arise.

Make a backup plan.

Homeowners undergoing major gut remodels should budget for concerns that may arise along the road, including issues that may arise once the walls are breached. A gut makeover will cost more than 15% extra.

Bathrooms have the most plumbing and fixtures per square foot, making them the most expensive rooms in the house. Kitchens are next, followed by the rest of the living areas.

Should you leave or stay during a construction project?

One of the most significant factors to consider is where you will live during the project. Because almost anything is feasible, you should be able to stay in the house during the renovation. Most individuals, however, prefer practically any other plan because they will almost surely have to deal with surprises. You may discover that structural reinforcement is required, or that mold or asbestos has been discovered, and decide that you should relocate for a while. Also, if you wish to stay during the project, you must ensure that you are legally permitted to do so. Inquire with your city’s building department.


Just keep in mind that if you opt to stay in the house during the project to save money, you will still incur fees, which might be significant. Delaying the project because you or your belongings are in the way incurs financial consequences. Non-monetary expenditures could include disruptions to everyday family routines, such as finding substitutes while a kitchen or shower is being refurbished. All of these can result in financial costs.


Your bathroom design Houston contractor will walk you through the costs of permissions and laws related to your project, such as trash placement. If your home is part of a homeowner’s association, there will be additional standards to complete.

Before the renovation, demolition

The demolition portion of gutting a property is primarily labor and disposal fees, so it’s not very expensive, but removing plumbing pipes and drains, for example, takes time. Outsourcing the demo or doing it yourself won’t save you any money. Southern Belt advocates leaving demolition to the pros for safety and hazard concerns.


It should be noted that shifting walls is not included in these expenditures. Moving load-bearing walls necessitates consulting with a structural engineer, which might cost $500—$1,000. Every time you move walls, you’ll need to create temporary support walls, which adds to the expense.


Hazards such as asbestos, lead paint, and mold may be discovered during demolition. If you do, a professional will assess the scope of the problem. These dangers are not suitable for do-it-yourselfers. In some areas, it is illegal to handle these hazardous materials, particularly asbestos, which should only be handled by a specialist.

The general contractor brings relationships to subcontractors.

Finally, gutting a house requires an experienced general contractor to coordinate. A general kitchen remodeling Houston contractor has long-standing ties with subcontractors, making communication easy. They’ll schedule architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, and other specialists.

What Is Gut Renovation?


Architects bring homeowners’ ideas to reality and must communicate well. An architect must know how to make your home what you want. Getting the architect’s advice as early as possible might help you plan. Southern Belt design-build organizations offer architectural services. Southern Belt contractors can recommend an architect.


House gutting is a big job. Understanding the process and working with

 the correct team will help you remodel smoothly. Another step toward your dream home. A whole-house renovation drastically alters the appearance of your property. 

Removing walls and reorganizing the new area, constructing new rooms with additions, remodeling kitchens, and bathrooms, doing luxury home renovations, upgrading the interior, and installing new siding, decks, windows, and doors are all included. A total home remodel will encompass virtually everything imaginable. 


In addition, our organization is well-versed in all facets of the procedure and can’t wait to assist you with your home renovation project. Call (713) 930-0003 now for more assistance and pricing information! And visit our website to find out How Long Do Renovations Take and more.

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