Modernizing the appearance of your home by our kitchen remodeling Houston company is a terrific way to increase its functionality, comfort, and value. However, deadlines are one of the most often asked topics by homeowners to our renovation team. The question of “How Long Do Renovations Take” is typically a difficult question to answer, as each project has distinct requirements that affect the overall completion rate.


However, it is crucial to keep in mind a few fundamental criteria while estimating the duration of your project. Here is what you need to know about the process of house renovation and numerous rule-of-thumb schedules.

How Long Do Renovations Take?

Weekend to Three Months for Cosmetic Renovations

If your property is relatively recent or does not require extensive maintenance, you may be considering a modest cosmetic remodel. In the majority of instances, modest renovations involving only cosmetic fixes can take anywhere between a weekend and three months. This includes chores such as interior and exterior painting, installation of new countertops and appliances, and replacement of basic flooring. It might be as easy as new landscaping or replacing a standard sink with one that has a more trendy farmhouse appearance.

Essentially, a cosmetic renovation schedule is intended for minor repairs or circumstances in which the house’s structure is in outstanding condition but requires minor upgrading. Many of these activities can be accomplished by a do-it-yourselfer in a matter of hours or days. Larger chores requiring plumbing or extensive carpentry work typically necessitate the services of a licensed contractor, but may still be deemed cosmetic.

Medium-Sized Remodels — Several Weeks to Six Months

Medium-scale home renovations, which might take a few weeks to six months to complete, are the next step in the progression of timelines. This is typically the case when the room must be nearly gutted or when extra repair work is required beyond a simple cosmetic repair. As a reputable Houston contractor, the majority of our projects fall into this category.


There are various types of typical medium-scale renovations. The majority of fixes fall into this category. For instance, reworking a kitchen and transferring the sink plumbing to a new center island would constitute a moderate upgrade. A second example would be adding a fireplace to your existing living room or a garage to the side of your existing home. In these instances, tear-out and replacement may take a few weeks, but there is no need for extensive structural repairs or alterations.

Major Reconstruction – Six Months to Over A Year

The last type of remodeling to consider is a major one. Reassembling a whole house takes longer. These building projects usually take six months to a year or longer.


In general, this is what many house flippers and rehab owners seek when deciding to do a makeover. When a home in an outstanding location needs major improvements to meet modern requirements. A major renovation may involve foundation repair, structural repair, home lifting, and second-story additions.


Huge undertakings with lengthy timelines aren’t always overhauled. Working on numerous little or medium-sized projects at once might be overwhelming. A homeowner might finish a basement, extend a new gourmet kitchen, and build a luxurious master bath all at once. Even though these actions are simple, doing them concurrently can slow down the process. Again, it’s about the project’s core elements and concurrent parts.

Money, Size, and Weather Are Additional Considerations

Home remodeling involves several elements. Money is very important. With limited funds, your remodel may take longer. Why? Complex renovations often overshoot the budget. If your contractor detects a potentially catastrophic issue, such as an undiscovered foundation problem or problematic tree roots, you may need extra time to come up with the finances, delaying the job. Even simple upgrades might go over budget since most contractors provide realistic estimates.


Upgrading a home or apartment requires labor. The standards for a small location are different from those for a large Texas ranch. The size of your land could affect how long your project takes. Larger rooms demand longer renovations.

How Long Do Renovations Take?

Consider the weather. Texas has rainy and hot days. Nature causes many project delays. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, contractors may miss deadlines.

How Does A Renovation Project Feel?

Regardless of duration, all people involved in a remodeling project will experience numerous emotional periods. Are you in the process of designing something magnificent, but require assistance bringing it to life? Call Southern Belt Construction at (713)930-0003 if you need a  Houston kitchen remodel or interior remodeling. View samples of our work on our website, or fill out our form for a complimentary in-home consultation and find out about Renovations That Increase Home Value.

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