What are the Latest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

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Kitchens are without a doubt the beating heart of today’s houses. Cabinets in Vibrant Colors: Pretty in Blue
From the vaulted paneled ceiling to the Moroccan-inspired tiles on the floor, this light and airy kitchen receive a healthy dose of color from the sophisticated blue cabinetry. Subtle distressing give cabinetry wrapped in soapstone counters depth and dimension, and you want your kitchen to look its finest. Get inspiration for incorporating the latest kitchen design trends into your house, from vibrant cabinetry and gold accents to striking backsplashes and surprising range hoods.


While a tiled kitchen backsplash is nothing new, there will be a trend toward gloss treatments. A glazed tile is not only easy to clean; it also effectively reflects light throughout the space, regardless of the hue.

Choose glazed white tiles for a more subdued style that will make the most natural light.  Handcrafted in Morocco, these unusual glazed clay tiles add texture and artisan character to a scheme with their irregular surface and various tones. Southern Belt LLC is the best in kitchen renovation in Houston.


The Future of kitchen design is about eradicating any thoughts of a show home, and incorporating antique or vintage furniture into a kitchen immediately creates a warm, lived-in environment. For a traditional design, farmhouse kitchen furniture in a scrubbed kitchen table or dresser is an easy choice.

Antique pieces are timeless, well-made, and frequently inexpensive to purchase at vintage markets. They provide character to a new environment. Simple joinery, including a huge larder cupboard and open shelves, is combined with a butler’s sink, Delft tiles, period-style lighting, and antique furniture to create a timeless atmosphere that is completely in keeping with the architectural style of the house.


After years of demolishing walls to create enormous open-plan spaces, we’ve grown to appreciate the benefits of being able to close the door and escape the entire house’s soundscape in recent years. A glass wall can divide spaces without sacrificing light or the sense of cohesion. What is the latest trend in kitchen remodeling?

Additionally, it aids in containing odors in the kitchen area. ‘If the kitchen’s existing layout does not permit a fully glazed wall, a smaller glazed panel can enrich the space; it adds architectural interest and serves as a backdrop for a piece of furniture.’


While metal hoods are often regarded as a necessary evil in the United Kingdom, the American approach has long been more celebratory, with custom-made designs in exotic finishes creating powerful and distinctive statements in kitchens across the country. This kitchen trend appears to be gaining traction, particularly in the form of eye-catching metal surfaces.

This etched zinc extractor canopy was created utilizing artisanal techniques and traditional materials, highlighting our handmade ideals while also paying homage to the past.


While lighting in a kitchen is always difficult to get right, the art of layering will be critical to creating successful kitchens in the Future. The reality is that you only require a certain quantity of job lighting in specific preparation areas; too many downlighters result in a kitchen ceiling that resembles a landing strip.

Choosing two such unique styles not only adds character to a large, open-plan kitchen space but also helps identify the room’s main parts.


With so much activity taking place in kitchens, the risk of visual overload is always a possibility. Those seeking a more restrained style can concentrate on colors, keep simple, and consider leaving blank wall space.

‘The shelf is employed in place of cupboards to provide a focal point for the concrete backsplash and a visual break from the monochrome pattern.’ As with all open kitchen storage, a well-curated display is critical. Some designers choose a single open shelf dedicated to artwork rather than kitchenalia to elevate the atmosphere.


Natural materials have gained popularity significantly throughout the epidemic and will continue to do so as marble, granite, and unpainted wood kitchen cabinets become a permanent feature. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also being widely recognized for their health benefits (reducing the amount of chemically treated items in the home).

‘The cabinetry is made of cerused oak, which is quite sturdy and has an incredible texture. The basket-style pendants add dimension to the design; their scale provides excellent balance to the entire design. Due to the space’s tonal materiality, the inclusion of floating wood shelves offered moments of curation.’


Living in a small place allows for even more kitchen ingenuity, such as the little kitchen pictured above. With chameleon-like dexterity, this stylish open-plan concept conceals the cooking area, enabling the focus to be entertaining.

Increase the sense of space by combining cooking, dining, and lounging in one magnificent, light-filled area.
The arrangement is adaptable, seamlessly transitioning from kitchen to dining room to living area. The kitchen area is concealed as much as possible, using door panels that resemble decorative wall finishes. All doors are concealed and equipped with fingerprint sensors to open and close smoothly.


It’s liberating to have a kitchen that isn’t ‘off the shelf. Even if some aspects, like cabinetry and appliances, must be standardized, consider adding flair with useful elements originating from other locations.

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